Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dollar Spot Fun

I'm a sucker for a good Target dollar spot find... just like every other mom (or woman?) that walks in the doors of the place!

There are lots of little outdoorsy type stuff in their now.  One of the things they have are stepping stones to paint.  I thought this would be a perfect rainy day spring break activity.
There were a few designs to choose from.  Olivia chose the giant lady bug, because the paints that came with it were primary colors. Ha ha!

Logan got one that had a bunch of little bugs on it.  and "one secondary color" of paint. ;)

She had a very set plan of how it should be painted.  Imagine!

Logan's strategy was less specific! 

He was just thrilled to be participating in a craft with sissy.  He just kept saying "Paint! It's paint!"

I had to encourage her to maybe paint the edges.  She was just going to do the inside.

Logan copies whatever Olivia does.  So when he saw her painting the edges, he started painting his.  Which really just lead to painting the paper.

 They are hanging outside our front door, and every time we walk by the kids are just so proud!

 We also got these little eggs that we were suppose to excavate a bug out of.

It was a little harder for them than I thought, so I ended up doing the majority of the work.  But they loved getting the bug out and cleaning it off.

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