Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt 2016

Our Easter egg hunting didn't quite go as planned last year, so I was a little hesitant to go to a place with tons of people and try again. There were multiple churches that were doing a helicopter drop.  I've always heard about them, but had never been.  Mostly because of the crowds!  But one of my friends said the one at Prestonwood Baptist (same huge church with the indoor playground) was very well organized.  So we thought we'd give it a try.

Unfortunately for us, it was only about 40 degrees outside.  Brrr!!
Olivia was complaining about looking up at the helicopter because it was so bright.  This is Logan copying her.  He made a face, covered his eyes and said, "It's too bright!".  Goof!

Here comes the Easter bunny in the helicopter!

The church has a rather large (and expensive!) Christian school, so the hunt took place on the football field.  The helicopter got right above the field, as low as it could get, and someone dumped eggs out all over.

It was very organized!  You had to register ahead a time.  Then when you got there, you had to pick up your packet.  The children were broken down by ages, had different colored wrist bands, and you got to get your eggs based on your wrist band color's time!

We were in the 2 to 4 year old silver band group, which was at 9:30.  We were the first group of the day!
Logan totally knew just what to do!

They encouraged each kid to only get 10 to 12 eggs so that there would be enough for everyone.

My kids had no issues with this.  They both got 10 eggs and were thrilled!

There were all sorts of other FREE things for us to do.

There were multiple Easter bunnies walking around.  We stopped and took a picture with this one, and both of the kids thought it was so cool!  Logan wasn't scared, so that was a win!

There were multiple bounce houses and slides.  Olivia loved them, and did them all multiple times.  Logan wanted nothing to do with any of them.

He wouldn't even do the train with his sister.  Although, he did enjoy looking at it.

Then we headed to the game area.

We know hulk!  They through bean bags through the whole.

With this one, they had hulk gloves and they had to know the wall down. Of course that was a hit!  Then they built it back up for the next people.

We always seem to be a places that have face painting, but for whatever reason never have gotten done. (Long lines)  So we took advantage this time.  They only did a handful of options.  These are all volunteers from the church, after all.

Olivia chose this bunny face with the teeth.  She was pleased, so that's all that matters.

Michael caught a picture of the Easter bunny reloading with eggs.

We left soon after that.  There were food trucks and radio stations who were deejaying the thing with contests and such.  It was just too cold, and I didn't realize it was going to be quite that cold.  Logan's coat probably wasn't thick enough, so we headed to something indoors.

We will definitely do this egg hunt again in the future.  And then our church does one after each service on Easter Sunday. That's perfect for us.

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