Monday, February 29, 2016

February Re-cap Photo Dump

Well, I already shared our big events of the month--Logan's birthday and Valentine's day.  Here is what else we were up to.

Olivia's teacher sends pictures from school.  Here she is touching an octopus for "O" week. :)

Where's Logan?

Sometimes... when you need to get things done and this kid just wants to leech onto your leg... you have to be creative!  Water and sponges it is!

 Sporting a fresh new haircut for the Superbowl!

Our life group hosted a Superbowl party. This media room is usually where we watch our lesson videos and then discuss, while the children are downstairs being babysat. We still had the babysitters (a-maz-ing!), but instead of watching a Bible lesson, we ate all sorts of yummy food and watched some football instead!

On our way into MOPS

 Snuggle bugs!

 We've had some warm weather this month, so we did some playing outside.  I can't believe we had so much ice and snow last year at this time!

One day I heard Logan calling for me.  That's pretty normal around here.  Olivia went into his room and then started freaking out, so I went to see what was up.  Oh, he just climbed up on his changing table by himself.  As you can see, he was pretty proud of himself.  Stinker!

We put some of these extra shelves in Logan's closet to hold our educational toys and such.  One day he came out with a pair of shoes (usually on that top shelf) and I couldn't figure out how in the world he had gotten them.  Oh, he took his train bucket, turned it upside down, and climbed right up.  Ay yi yi!

He insisted on getting the pattern blocks out of his closet.  This is usually an Olivia activity, but he went right to work.  They aren't matched up perfectly, but the right shapes are on top of the right spots.  Pretty smart!

We've been to the doctor 3 times this month!  Olivia had some sort of funk going on, which ended up in a sinus infection.  She was put on an antibiotic, but it didn't kick it.  Then Logan started in on the terrible cough and congestion.  This is us waiting at the Target minute clinic.  Olivia got put on another antibiotic.  She's been on more antibiotics this month than in all other 4 years of her life combined.  Seriously!  Logan wasn't put on anything, thankfully.

Love these two!  We don't match often around here, but one day I realized they both had Nike jump suits (bought at different consignment sales!).  So they were twinsies for a day! :)

I had to document this little gem from a mom's night out!

After dropping our stuff of at the consignment sale, we headed to lunch on a patio and playing at the outdoor play place.

We ended our month with a birthday party to Play Street Museum.

She spent a lot of time playing school! :)

 I saw this mug online and sent the screenshot to Michael.  It pretty much sums it up for me! Ha!

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  1. Well, thanks for updating your blog, B! ;) I love all the cute pics of your lil munchkins!! :)