Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pumpkin Carving 2014

We had to squeeze in our pumpkin carving this year.  Our nights were filling up, but we finally got it done the night before trick or treating.

We had the little Halloween cutting booklet, but it appears we threw away the tools last year.  So we had to get creative a few times.  (And by we, I mean Michael).

The big spoon wasn't working that great.  We tried to get Olivia to stick her hand in and pull some of the guts out, but she refused because "then my hands would be too dirty".

She decided that she wanted a spider on the pumpkin, because "Spiderman is my favorite".  Then she started singing the theme song, "Spiderman... Spiderman..."  Which is hilarious, because she's never even seen it.

There was a spider and web as an idea in the booklet, and I'm sure that is where she came up with her plan.  Unfortunately it was rated THE most difficult design in the book, plus we didn't have the little tools.  So we improvised.  I found a simple picture on my phone and Michael drew it free hand from looking at the picture.

Olivia wanted to help, but obviously there isn't much she could do at that point.  So instead she drew on the white pumpkins that were on the table.

The finished product!

Not too shabby, huh!

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