Friday, October 31, 2014

Photo Dump Friday

...and so it begins!

"Nobody puts baby in a corner"  Except for maybe baby himself?

Showing off very proudly that she put her (water!) shoes on all by herself!  I mean, if you aren't going to rest during rest time, you might as well learn a skill, right?

"Xylophone's are for girls.  I'm a drummer!"

Watching sister at ballet

Trying out Logan's new bath seat. Goof.

"Oooh.  Sister left her laptop out.  What kind of crazy status update can I put?"

Hanging out with mommy early Saturday morning.

Saturday morning snuggles

She loves to show Michael her outfits or hair after she gets ready.  He had already left for work this day, so we sent him a picture.  And thanks to the person who probably paid close to $50 for the J Crew shirt.  I appreciate that I got to buy it for $3. It's super cute.

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  1. She gets prettier and prettier in every picture! You have a beautiful family.