Sunday, November 16, 2014

Textured Acorn Art

Another throw back to my days with Little Man...  His preschool teachers had been talking about how they were using different textures in their art projects and how that was good for the kids. So I took that little tidbit home, and we made this textured squirrel using dry oatmeal.

I decided to take that idea and turn it into a different type of fall textured craft--an acorn.
I gave her the little dobbers AND showed her how to use them, but she insisted on using it like a paint brush.

After she was done, I cut it out and we glued it onto a yellow piece of paper.

Then I put glue on the top and gave her a plate of dry oatmeal.  She started putting them on ONE PIECE AT A TIME!

I told her she could put clumps on, but... well... you know. :)

 After doing about ten pieces one at a time, she decided that she was getting too much glue on her hands.  So she started doing clumps, but even her clumps were dainty.

The finished product!

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