Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Tale of Two Twinsies

So while I was taking Logan's 9 month pictures the other day, Olivia decided that she wanted to join in.  The story that unfolded in those pictures is just too funny not to share.

Logan: "What's she doing?  This is my photo shoot!"

They have the exact. same. look!

Logan: "Like my sticker?"
Olivia: "It's alright."

Olivia; "Ew.  You have sock fuzz in your toes."
(Literally.  That is actually what was happening here!)

I don't know why, but whenever she gets close to Logan or wants to hug him or snuggle or whatever... she purses her lips together.  It's almost like a "he's so cute I can hardly stand it" thing. It's weird.  Every time.

Logan: "no more kisses!"

Logan: "I'm out of here"

She decided to switch sides.. more of the lips.

She's also oddly obsessed with holding his hand (which he does not like)

You might not be able to tell here, but he is protesting the hand holding and basically just backed himself right into her. :)

Crazy kids

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