Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Logan's 9 Month Pictures

Logan turns 9 months tomorrow, so we went and had his pictures taken over the weekend.
He is going through an intense stranger danger/separation anxiety phase, so I anticipated it not going so well.  He cried the second I sat him down.  We had to get creative just to get a handful of decent shots.

I tried using yogurt melts, but obviously that didn't work. ;)

We started out with me trying to hold/spot him from behind, but it wasn't going so well.  I told the lady that he had to see me.  So another person came in and held his legs while I was in front of him trying to get a smile.

This is the best picture of the entire shoot.  What a cutie!

Keeping it real.

This one is a little off center because we had to crop my hand out!

The second best smile

I only paid $34 for a whole bunch of pictures, so I don't really feel too badly that he didn't cooperate.  I expected it.  One good shot is really all we needed.

On a side note, this is one of my least favorite developmental phases.  I hated it with Olivia and I am hating it this time around.  I seriously think my kids get it worse than others. At least that is the way it seems, and friends who have kids and were around us (and at church events) seem to agree.  Olivia's stranger danger started exactly at 6 months.  I remember at her 9 month appointment asking the Dr. how long this was going to last.  He said it usually starts somewhere between 6 and 9 months and lasts 3 months long.  That was a relief to me, because it meant it was coming to an end.  It did end shortly after that.  Unfortunately, Logan didn't start it until just a few weeks ago, so we still have a ways to go. UGH!

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