Friday, November 7, 2014

9 Months--Logan

Logan Michael, you are NINE months old!

What have you been up to?
He was just a little excited to be having his picture taken.

You are:
 28 inches long (35th %)
20 lbs 12 oz (69th %)
and have a 46.5 cm head circumference (88th%)

(These are almost identical to Olivia's SIX month stats!)

*Although you can still fit into some of your 6 month stuff, you mostly wear 9 month clothing.  You are also wearing a few of the smaller size 12 month pajamas, because you are outgrowing the length in some of the 9 month footie pjs.

*You wear size 4 diapers.

I always have to move the mobile out of the way to take the above picture and he just loves that thing.

*Your schedule has remained mostly the same.  You go to bed at 7 and wake up between 6 and 7.  You nap at (roughly) 9 and 1 for an hour and a half to two hours each.

*You have almost given up your middle of the night wakings.  You did good for a few days, then started waking up again for a few days, and now you are back to sleeping the whole night through.

*For most of the month you were taking 4 bottles and eating 2 meals.  At Olivia's 9 month Dr's appointment I was told that she should be having 3 bottles and 3 meals, so when daylight savings came around and messed up our schedule for the day, I took advantage and switched you to the 3 and 3.  You have adjusted pretty well.

*Based on our experience with your sister, we haven't even tried to introduce dairy.  Instead, you got to have some coconut milk yogurt (an old favorite of your sister).  This has been part of your lunch for the past few days and you seem to enjoy it.

*You got two new teeth this month (the top middles), so now you have a total of 4 teeth!

*You started crawling this month!  At first it was slow and only about two steps each time.  Just in the last few days you have gotten faster and go much longer distances.  You are a full blown crawler!  It's time to put up the baby gates and move all of Olivia's really small toys out of the play room.

*You aren't great at standing.  You can stand, but you do weird things with your feet and act like your legs are jello.  It's very odd to me.  You are top heavy though, so that might be part of it?!

*You also don't pull yourself up yet, but you can get into a sitting position from lying down.  

Do NOT take me away from my mommy!

*You are going through the whole stranger danger/separation anxiety phase. UGH.  You cry the minute I even start to exit the same room you are in.  Sometimes being in the same room isn't even good enough--I have to be looking at you or engaging you or it's a full on meltdown.  You also don't want anyone else (besides Boppa) to hold you or look at you.

*You like to talk, make noises with your mouth/tongue, and grunt.  You are very noisy when you eat.  You get all excited and it's like you are telling me to hurry up and feed you faster.

*For someone who use to hate being on his belly, you sure do love it now.  You flip over so fast.  It is not so nice when I'm trying to change your diaper.  That is getting old fast.

*You like to look at yourself in the mirror.

*You really like being outside or taking in new places.  You watch and take in everything around you.

*You like to bang things--toys, your hands, your head...You are a boy!

*You are as sweet as can be.  You love to make faces at Boppa, had screaming matches back and forth with your sister, and be held by Mommy.



Logan's doctor's appointment went well.  He is still low in his gross motor skills.  This did not surprise me, or worry me. He can't really stand on his own, so therefore there were about 4 questions on the ASQ that were a no.  I am not worried that he can't stand (and neither is the doctor).  My concern was that when he does stand he almost always stands on his tippie toes, turns his feet out, or wobbles his legs (intentionally).  After all the W sitting nonsense with Olivia, I do not want to have to deal with a tip toe walker.  The doctor said that he is still in the grey and it is likely that it will come within the next month or so. If he is still only walking on tip toes in a few months, then we have a problem.  If he was in the black they would send out an in home therapist type thing.  So for now we are just following into sisters footsteps and falling just slightly behind in the gross motor.

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