Sunday, November 2, 2014

Trick or Treating 2014

Around here the cities decide which night and time you will trick or treat.  I know to some people this is odd, and they go whenever they want to go on Halloween night.  I guess it has to do with safety and other events going on.  I don't know.  I didn't grow up trick or treating, but in Milwaukee it was always the Sunday before Halloween from 2 to 4 in the afternoon.  It was to avoid kids in the streets in the dark, so assigned times isn't all that odd to me I guess.  Our little city did it on Thursday night from 6 to 8.

We made sure that Princess Ariel and Sebastian were ready to go right at 6!

Originally Olivia wanted to be Ariel the Mermaid, but when I showed her various costumes that were available she decided against it.  None of the bellies were "peach" and she could not be a mermaid with a purple or white or whatever color belly.  She's very literal.  So she settled on the princess  dress instead.

We went to 5 or 6 stores looking for the Ariel wig, but they were all sold out.  The reviews online weren't that great, so we just went for a spray red.  I probably need another can and a more patient toddler, but it did the trick good enough.  $15 vs. $2.50.  We went the bargain route. :)

"Look at mommy... Look at mommy!"  And the both looked at Michael.  But I thought it was a cute one of Logan!

Our neighborhood has a LOT of kids, so there were quite a few houses where people just left a bowl of candy out (ours included!).  I'm sure eventually I will stay home to pass out candy, but now when they are young and it's still a new and fun experience for them--I like to go.

Logan and I walked for the first 40 minutes.  Then we went home, refilled the candy bowl, handed out some candy for about 10 minutes, and then it was time for him to go to bed.

Olivia was hilarious.  She started out saying "trick or treat" at the doors and "thank you" after she got her candy... but then she sort of stopped and we would try to prompt her.  She started yelling, "Trick or Treating!!" as she was running away from the house and then a few times she said, "You guys are AWESOME!  I love all of you!" :)

Showing  off her reward

She got a lot of good candy, and surprisingly  it was mostly chocolate and not cheap/gross stuff.

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