Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sensory Bottles (Again!)

Now that Logan can get around, he entertains himself pretty well.  However, between the hours of 4 and 5 he starts to get a little needy.  I think he is missing his afternoon bottle, but I know he doesn't need to eat.   So I end up playing with him as much as possible to distract him.

While I was digging around our supply closet for some coloring supplies for Olivia, I decided to pull out the tote of sensory water bottles for Logan.
(Of course my camera battery died just as we sat down, so please excuse the crappy cell phone pics!)

He spent a lot of time chewing on this bottle.

I would shake some of the ones that made noise.  He was only mildly amused. :)

Olivia was almost two when I made these, so the ones with water in them were fun.  They are a little heavy for him, so I did them for him.  He especially liked the one with glitter and sequins.

and then Olivia decided to join us. :)

Here is the original post from Olivia playing with them, and what is in each bottle.

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