Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Calendar Time

Olivia became interested in the days of the week about 9 months ago.  Since Michael was working from home he'd say things to her like, "It's Friday!" or "It's the weekend".  That led to her being interested because she knew that the weekend meant he was off of work.

From there, we took that interest and taught her the days of the week song.  (I can't remember if I posted the video of her singing that on here, or just on Facebook?!?)

After months of talking about the days, I thought I would go ahead and do calendar time with her at home.  I knew she was going to get it twice a week at preschool, but following through at home would be good as well.

So I bought a calendar from the teacher store and laminated all of the pieces.  I put it on the back of the door that leads to the unfinished part of our basement.  That way it isn't an eye sore, but is right in our family room where we spend a lot of time.

It's been up for months, but I haven't been terribly consistent with it.  Michael is actually better at it than me sometimes.

It has a wheel to spin for the weather.

Of course, I already had the pointer from my teaching days.

and it's good practice for number recognition

It also has a "today is, yesterday was, tomorrow will be" piece that can be moved.

And since she has learned the Pledge of Allegiance at school, we just go ahead and reinforce that too.

All the extra supplies are stored in a thirty-one organizer that I have.

I also laminated a few extra animal pieces that match the set.  Eventually I can add those in for extension activities.

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