Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kale Chips

Back in June my dear cousin Erica proclaimed on her blog that I was the reason she "loves food too much".  She was basically blaming me for not being her desired weight.  She said the reason it was my fault was 1) for giving her too many yummy recipes and 2) for introducing her to The Pioneer Woman.  I cannot deny these two facts.  Although, Erica is waaaaaaaaaay smaller than me, so I'm perfectly fine with her weight. Ha ha!  Anyway, I decided (almost a year later) to meet her challenge and share something healthy.

I'm pretty sure you are all going to think I'm crazy after this post.  I assure you, I am not.  There was a time (before our life got crazy with talks of moving states and adding babies to the family) where Michael and I were trying to eat clean.  I still wish I could eat clean.  It's just a LOT of work.  One recipe I stumbled upon during this time was for kale chips.  For those of you who don't know, kale is a leafy green found in your produce section.  These are suppose to take the place of potato chips.  Let me tell you, they do not.  They aren't bad though.  I promise!

One of the reasons I decided to make them now (besides to get back at Erica! hee hee), is because kale is incredibly good for you.  Leafy greens are good for you in general, but kale is one of the best.  It is also loaded with iron, which I seem to always be in need of... even more so now that I am pregnant.

Anyway, here's what you do:

Preheat your oven to 350.  
The link above will tell you to line your cookie sheet with parchment paper.  
This was a waste.  The oil goes right through.  Just spray a cookie sheet with non stick spray.

Wash your kale, but then make sure it is really dry.  
This will make a difference in the finished product.

Again, the directions say to cut the kale off the stem.  You do not need to do this.
Hold the end of the kale in your hand.  With your other hand, gently slide down the stem.  
The kale will come off.
(Please excuse swollen pregnancy hand)

Rip into bite size pieces and line up on cookie sheet

Drizzle with olive oil.
Note: months after finding and making the online version of these, I found out that Hungry Girl has a version in her cook books.  I believe she tells you just to spray with olive oil spray.  It's up to you.

Again, the link says sprinkle with "seasoning salt".
I have no such thing.  I use sea salt.  Beware: a little sea salt goes a LONG way.

Bake 10 to 15 minutes until edges are brown, but not burnt
 I am actually learning my new oven.  
While these look alright, I could have taken them out a little sooner.
They don't look it, but they come out crispy and "chip" like.

Some choose to eat them just as a snack.  I haven't gotten that "crazy" yet. :)


  1. Beeg, I love these. I make them too... They are really good if you put a little maple syrup on them too (the lite version of course). Roasted Brussels sprouts are good too!

  2. haha yes! I still blame you for the food love! I will say PW has changed my life, I actually WANT to cook food...but yeah, my body doesn't appreciate it :)

    I'm glad you tried these, I have been wanting to try them for awhile, but was too chicken! I'm not sure ANYTHING can replace a potato chip, but if they are pretty good, I think I'll try them too!

    Oh, I tried a new recipe from HG (man I love that cookbook, thanks again for it) It's the yum yum Brownie--just Devil's Food Cake mix and Pumpkin Puree--oh man was it HEAVEN. You should try it, it will cure those dessert cravings and it has WAY less fat/calories than a regular brownie (no oil, eggs or milk!)

    Anyway...can't wait to see you next weekend!!!