Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby Shower!!!!!!

Like I said, I had a great trip to Ohio.  The flight wasn't that great--I was literally seconds away from having to use the barf bag, but thankfully I recovered.  My sister picked me up and we had a nice afternoon--(non raw) sushi, shopping and pedicures. 

On Friday I got to hang out with Laurie.  We ran some errands, and then while she went to pick the boys she watches up from school, I took a nap!  We met my sister for dinner at Bonefish Grill.  Umm... YUM!

My cousin, aunt, mom and grandma got in early Saturday.  We met at Max and Erma's for lunch so I could get some tortilla soup.  From there it was shower time!

These were the invitations that my friend Laurie made
The house was covered in cute little pink and brown lady bugs!

Here are just a few examples

Laurie painted two flower pots brown and filled them with mints.  So cute!


I took a picture of the food real quick before guests arrived, so this is not completely what the presentation was.  There were many more options and it was laid out better, but I was really just trying to get a picture of the decorations.
Another flower pot with a plant... a pink table cloth with brown polka dots!

The cupcakes were a hit

Me and my cousin Sonja--who is also pregnant, just not as far along

My cousins Sonja and Erica

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture with the hostesses. :(  
My sister Angella, friend Laurie and Aunt Laurie did a great job!

My Aunt Laurie was in charge of the game.  I'm so glad I had hostesses who were on the same page as me when it came to games.  I'm not really too thrilled with them.  (Especially since I have a mother who thinks she needs to win everything and creates a scene!)  Plus, I find most of the traditional ones cheesy.  The hostesses agreed that we would play ONE game and my aunt was in charge.

She filled a box with 22 small baby items--most were off of my registry.  Everyone had about ten seconds to look at it and then they had to write down what they remembered.
Pregnancy brain zapped my usually-very-good memory and I could only remember 9... and I'M the one who registered for them! :)

Others trying to remember
Cindy, Wendy, Ann and Linda

My grandma, Kristin (who won), Anne, and my mom--being my mom!
Not pictured-Ang, Laurie, Laurie, Andrea, Sonja, Erica, Donna and Jen

Then as my aunt read of the items, I got to pull them out of the box.  
These items (along with a diaper champ) were my aunts gift to me.  Clever!
Something was funny?

Thankfully, I mostly got "must have" items off of my registry... with a few cute clothes thrown in, of course! :)

I got a text from my friend Kim who couldn't make it that said she forgot to send the card, but it was suppose to read "What every Texas gal needs: a schnazzy dress, dancing shoes and a barn full of ponies"
It was a big hit! :)  (There were shoes and another horse blankie/toy thing)

Michael loved the horses.  He was also pretty happy about this next gift

We were definitely blessed!  Some people couldn't make the shower and either sent a gift with a friend or have mailed gifts to our apartment.  We are so thankful for the wonderful family and friends in our life.  We are all set for our little girl to come! :)

I finished out the trip with family time, plus Laurie who decided she was an "honorary" cousin. :)
We ate out, we talked, we laughed, we went off on rude teenage girls (ok, that was just me!), we shopped, we ate some more, and we enjoyed each others company.

The road trip back went well too.  We decided to just go ahead and do it all in one day.  It took us 18 hours, which wasn't bad.  A HUGE thank you to my friend Laurie who offered to drive back with me.  Good and loyal friends are hard to come by these days!  I am thankful for her.

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