Friday, May 9, 2014

Photo Dump Friday

When Olivia was a baby we had a giant island in our kitchen that had the sink in it. She would get bathed there, and I would take pictures all of the time because I thought she was just so cute.  I realized the other day that I hardly have any bath pictures of Logan, so I popped in the bathroom while Michael was giving him a bath and snapped a few.

Drying off.  He is a grabber.  He doesn't have a lovey yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up with one.  He loves to hold on to things.  He will cuddle with a burp cloth if you let him.

Because an entire play room plus a shelf full of books and toys in her own room isn't enough...

The other day Olivia fell off of her step stool in the bathroom and banged her mouth on the tub.  We gave her the very rare treat of a popsicle (that we had from when we were all sick) to help her mouth feel better.  That's not really why I shared this picture though.  I thought I'd share just to remember the good old chip clip.  We have some friends that come over for lunch sometimes and they get a kick out of it.  Olivia's hair was always getting in her way when she eats and it gets food in it.  We clip it back and we tried pony tail holders, but they don't always stay in.  So one day shortly after we moved into our house, we were looking for a quick fix to get it out of her way.  The chip clip was available and is now used for almost every meal.  Go ahead. Laugh. I'd rather use a chip clip than try to get peanut butter out of her hair every night. :)

My own little class of pupils.  I can still read a book upside down with ease.

I think he's saying, "Do you see my hair!?!  When are you going to get this mop cut?!"

Sleeping beauty.  Last weekend I decided to take a nap with Olivia.  We both needed some rest, and it was nice just to have some cuddle time with her.

This picture just makes me laugh.  Olivia asked to hold Logan.  She rarely holds him these days.  Partly because he's gotten so big, partly because she doesn't really ask to so we just don't, and partly because he isn't the easiest of babies. (Thanks, Lord for a repeat in that department.)  But since she asked I gave it a shot.  They both look equally as thrilled, huh?  It didn't take long and she was saying he was too heavy for her arm.  She's going to have to stick to the hugs and kisses.  I have a feeling her days of holding him are over.

"I hate tummy time."

Sometimes when we've tried everything else for said difficult baby, we place him under a ceiling fan.  He loves to watch ceiling fans.  Olivia wanted to join in on this occasion.  She is my hope.  Logan as a baby is pretty much Olivia as a baby all over again.  She grew out of it, so I know he will too.  Have a mentioned that the baby phase is not my favorite?

At least he's cute, right? :)

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