Tuesday, May 20, 2014

OMT-Take 2

(A pre-haircut picture)
We had Logan's follow up OMT appointment yesterday.  Outside of having to wait for the doctor for far too long, it went well.  She said that she could feel the muscle in the back of his neck strengthening.  She was also pleased that she observed him easily looking from side to side instead of just favoring the one side.  She also said that the flat spot on the one side has rounded nicely and started to fix itself.  She did the treatment on him (similar to a chiropractor adjustment, but not really an adjustment--I just don't know how else to explain it).  It must have made him feel better too, because he was in such a good mood all night.  He even went 3 hours of being awake before bedtime, which is unusual for him.

We don't have to go back.  He's made such good progress in the last month that we just have to keep on doing what we are doing.  Originally she had said to try to do tummy time each wake cycle.  He has roughly 5 wake cycles a day and I was doing great to get 3 sessions in.  Really, who wants to do tummy time from 6 to 7:30 in the morning? Not me!  And hearing your baby scream for 5 minutes straight multiple times a day is just not fun.  Yesterday she said that I need to be doing it as much as possible.  She said, "I mean like 10 times a day. Not just 2 or 3."  I'm pretty sure my mouth dropped. 10 times a day!?!?  I replied that I was trying to do it each wake cycle.  She said that was good, but that if he was just screaming each time, then I needed to get him up, get him happy again, and then maybe try again in another half hour or so.  Basically, at this point it's not that he can't lift his head.  It's just that it is hard for him (big head problems), so he just doesn't want to and gets mad.  We need to continue to put him in that position so that he gets use to it.  If he can be on his tummy without instantly going into a rage then he can actually lift his head up for a bit.  She said that unfortunately the size of his head just makes it hard work for him, so he just gets frustrated.  She said we all do that.  If something is hard or we just aren't good at it, we just want to give up and quit.  Practice makes perfect.  So that is where we are.  A pretty good report.

He got weighed while he was there.  He was 15 1/2 pounds.  He also got his 3 month shots.

We took advantage of the trip and got Olivia her MMR.  We were waiting until her 3 year appointment to do it, which will be next month.  However, there has been a huge outbreak of measles in Ohio because of an Amish community getting infected.  So I figured we'd just move the shot up a month to be safe.  She took it like a champ!

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