Friday, May 16, 2014

Night Trained

Since I use my blog as a way to keep track and remember things about my kids, I thought I'd go ahead and give one last update on Olivia and her potty training.

You may remember that I didn't really even want to potty train her when I did, but she was ready and I didn't want to miss my window of opportunity. We used the 3 day method and it worked wonderfully.  She was going all by herself before the end of day 3.  In the scheme of potty training toddlers, we have had very few accidents and none of them have been while we were out and about (thankfully!).

You may also remember that I had no desire to night train her.  First, because she sleeps 12 hours and woke up every single day with a soaked diaper. Second, because she doesn't know how to open her door and get out of her room. And third, even though there is a bathroom across the hall from her, she doesn't prefer to use it and it is a little more complicated with having to use a step stool, etc.

Well, after one week of being potty trained Olivia basically night trained herself.  She started waking up dry and continued to do so.  I'm pretty sure she only woke up wet twice since she has been potty trained in late January.  Even so, we continued to put diapers (we had so many left) and then pull ups for both night time and naps.

Twice she woke up at 1:30 in the morning crying that she had to pee. I had to get up, take her to the bathroom, and then put her back to bed.  She was wearing a diaper, but she refused to go in it.

So a few weeks ago when Michael got laid off I just decided that buying pull ups to just throw away dry was a waste and that if she may have an accident here or there (she hasn't yet) that it would be cheaper just to wash the sheets.  Besides that, it appears that if she does have to go she is just going to wake me up in the middle of the night. So since then she has been going to bed at night and nap in her underwear.  We haven't had a single issue.

So there you have it.  She is basically completely potty trained.  She still doesn't prefer to go when we are out and about, but she will if she really has to or if we coax her enough.  She also refuses to pull her pants up, so we still have to help her when she is done.  Baby steps.  She will have no choice but to master this by the time preschool starts though, so it will be happening this summer.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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