Friday, May 30, 2014

Meeting Milestones

I mentioned last week that Logan had a good OMT appointment and the doctor felt he was doing well.  At that time he would give me a minute, maybe two, where he would hold his head up before screaming.  He wasn't consistent with it, and he wouldn't lift it too high.  Even still, it was progress.

Well all of the sudden this week he has become a tummy time rock star!  I don't know what happened, but I will take it!

 Last Thursday

This week
This isn't a great picture.  It's hard to get a good picture with my phone in the first place and then he was just constantly moving.  But you can see how far he can get up.

On Tuesday I laid him down and got down on the ground with him.  He wasn't too happy about it.  He was holding on to my dress and I removed his hand and before I knew it he was rolling over.  I wasn't sure if I should count it as an official roll. The whole thing happened kind of fast and I wasn't sure if I somehow helped or laid him down different.

  But then yesterday he definitely did it all by himself and it wasn't even out of anger.
Right after.  I tried to catch him in action, but no such luck.

So not only is he doing great with tummy time, but he is rolling too.  Woo hoo!

Olivia was always just a little behind with her milestones.  It never worried me.  I knew it was because she was a big baby and it would come. For whatever reason, I am a little more relieved this time around that he is on track! I was honestly picturing him being 6 months still having screaming tummy time sessions. :)

Way to go buddy!

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  1. Nice job, little man! :) The last picture on his tummy is a look of determination! :)

    Love ya,