Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Change Shmange

If you've been around this blog long enough, then you know that the phrase "We plan and God laughs" is pretty much our family motto... not by choice.

Two weeks ago on Friday afternoon Michael got let go from his job.

It had nothing to do with Michael himself or the fact that we are in Ohio instead of Texas (popular question). The company has been considering getting away from lead generation for awhile.  They have decided that they are going back to just being a software company. So they let go of everyone that was involved with the lead generation campaigns.

They let him keep his computer and gave him a small severance.  They also said they would help pass his resume along and do whatever they could do to help him find a job. (The president even talked him up with a president of a similar company.  They did contact him, but it would mean relocating back to Dallas.  That is not out of the question, but not something we are pursuing at the moment.)

He has had multiple interviews, and accepted a job offer yesterday. He starts next Monday. It wasn't the job he really wanted, but he still feels good about it.  It is actually another contract position. There is potential to eventually get a very good position with Verizon. In the meantime, he will be trained in a universal database system (or something like that) that can only help in the long run and he is excited about.

So the bad news is that it is a pay cut and is on the complete opposite side of town.  The good news is that he will have only been without a job for 3 weeks.  Having a job is always good news.  And in the long run this could be a very good thing for our family.  So we are hoping that is God's plan, since the job that was "our plan" didn't pan out.

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