Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Little Helper

Lately, Olivia has decided that she really wants to be my helper.  Her favorite thing is to get her "step tool" and be up at the counter working with me.  So I've been trying to let her help me as much as possible.

She's a little hasty with her pouring, so if I'm not quick on my feet it generally leads to more of a mess than a help.  But she loves it and she's learning, so it's worth it.

She does great with the mixer.

 On this particular day we were making banana bread.

We love using the learning tower!

The cutest little baker there is!

Yesterday she wanted to help me make lunch so bad.  I was just putting together sandwiches, but we made it work.  She put two slices of bread on each plate.  She helped squeeze the mustard for mommy and Boppa's sandwich. She put the cheese slices on.  And she helped put the tops on the bottoms of the sandwich when everything was in place.  She was SO proud to tell her Boppa that she helped make his sandwich.  It's the little things, people. :)

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