Friday, May 23, 2014

My Menu Board

I'm taking a break from the pictures to share my menu board.  I finished it!

I mentioned that I bought the frame at JoAnn's on Mother's Day.  It is a 16 by 20 and was marked down 60% off, so it ended up costing me $13.  That is a great price for a frame that size.

I wandered the fabric aisles forever trying to come up with a background.  There were so many fabrics that I loved, but I didn't want something too busy.  I am going to write my weekly menu on it and I didn't want the print to get lost on a funky background.  I ended up leaving without a fabric and decided I would take some time to think about it.  Once I got home and was unloading the car, I found some burlap that was leftover from a baby shower I just helped out with.  Kathi was going to throw it out, so I took it with me.  Thanks, Kathi!

I used my silhouette and some brown vinyl to make the squares and writing.  It is on the inside of the  glass so that when I wipe stuff off it doesn't ruin the vinyl.  (So I had to print in reverse.  Tricky at first, but I figured it out.)

I bought a few quarter yards of fabric for just a few dollars and made the flowers to add color.  I was originally wanting to do some more reds... maybe even a red frame, but was just coming up empty handed.  (I tried to get red vinyl at the store with no such luck and I didn't want to wait to order it.)  It's not quite as colorful as I was anticipating, but I still like it.

I knew I wanted a wipe off menu board.  I looked on Pinterest a lot for inspiration, but in the end just sort of winged it.  I am excited to put it to use!  My kitchen is coming together slowly but surely.  Happy Mother's Day to me! :)

A closer look.  Pay no attention to the flash or the fact that I didn't clean off my fingerprints yet. :)  What do you think?

P.S.  I got the "Eat" sign from Hobby Lobby for $6.  I will do a kitchen post soon, but I am desperately trying to bring in color on a budget.  This was cheaper than making the letters myself, so I went for ease and frugality on this one.

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  1. Fabulous idea!!! This is so clever!!!! Of course, only ORGANIZED people would ever have their menu planned out well enough to use it. [checkly, chuckle...we don't know anyone like that]. Check with me when you need vinyl. I think you should put it on etsy.