Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I wonder if Heaven is like Target.... 
That is MY heaven anyway!  I got to enjoy a little piece of it last night too.  Ok.  Not the endless cash part, but the Target run with a Starbucks in my hand came true.

Since it is cold and flu season and we have a newborn who hasn't gotten his first round of vaccinations yet, we have been laying low at home.  We are getting a little stir crazy.  On top of that, now that he is here and I don't have an enormous bump in my way while simultaneously sucking the life out of me... we are ready to start decorating and getting settled.  We spend so much time at home, but yet it doesn't really feel like "home" yet.  So we made plans to hit a few stores after dinner.

Michael had a doctor's appointment earlier in the day and when he got home he said he thought it was too cold to take the kids out.  He suggested I go alone.  I'm sure the fact that one of my stops was Hobby Lobby might have had something to do with it. :)  But I am never going to pass up an opportunity to shop alone.  I prefer to shop alone and get lost in the aisles of the store and my thoughts.

My first stop was to Hobby Lobby.  I needed some spray paint and craft supplies.  Decorating our house is going to be done a little at a time and on a budget.  I'm trying to repurpose old things too, so a can of spray paint was on my list of things to get.  I wandered the aisles for nearly two hours.  I probably could have stayed longer, but they decided it was time to close.  I found a few items on sale though, so I was pleased.

I had a Starbucks gift card, so I made my way through the drive through.  Then I wandered the aisles of Target for another hour and a half.  I actually had a plan.  We needed another lamp for our family room.  One corner is so dark.  I was also looking for a thing or two for our mantle.  Usually I am a power shop until everything is purchased and transform a room in an hour kind of girl.  I'm going to have to put some work into this project and spread my purchases out, but I am so excited to finally be able to put some things up on the walls.  Especially after living in a bare apartment for a year.  It is time to settle in and enjoy life instead of looking ahead and what is coming next.  The baby is out and my motivation is back!

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