Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our Valentine's Day

We started our day out just like last year.  We had "heart attacked" Olivia's door.
Michael barely had it open and she blurted out, "Look!  It's Valentine's Day! Right there on my door!"
How she noticed it so fast or knew what it was is beyond us!

She hopped right out of bed and immediately asked us to read each one to her.

Just like last year, she started taking them off and rearranging them.

Eventually they were all taken off the door so she could "play" with them.
It's such a simple little thing to do, but this is the second year in a row where she has just loved it!

We headed down to the breakfast table.
This was our set up.
It was a compilation of things I already had, items from the dollar spot at Target, and a balloon and shirt.

The "tablecloth" is actually a $5 IKEA curtain that I used for Olivia's first birthday.  The stickers came from my teaching stash.  I think almost everything else came from Target's dollar spot.  I wanted to get Olivia a Valentine's Day shirt, but I wasn't finding anything that I liked that was cheap.  I didn't figure too many people would be seeing her, so it would have ended up being a waste of money.  Instead, I threw this $5 Minnie Mouse shirt into an online order.  She loved it!

Eating her special breakfast.  I cheated and used eggo pancakes and then cut them into hearts and added ready whip and sprinkles.  I had planned to make the pancakes like last year, but... hello, I just had a baby 9 days ago AND we had a doctor's appointment to get to.  She didn't know the difference. ;)  I made her milk purple too.

She happily played with her balloon and the little foam hearts 
while I got ready.

Logan's door got "heart attacked" too. :)

We headed across town to Logan's doctor's appointment.  It always lasts longer than I think it will.  We were all hungry, so we hit the Burger King drive thru for lunch.

Once we got home, it was "rest time" for Olivia.  Today, I actually decided to rest myself.  I didn't actually sleep, but I did get to snuggle this guy for a little bit.
Ha ha! He wasn't much of a fan of the flash.

 We did a round of feeding, changing and pumping, and then it was time for Olivia to have some fun.

Olivia got to eat a treat... which ended up being too hard for her to eat and got trashed..  She then snacked on a mini pack of M&M's instead.

Next up, we used the foam hearts, stickers, and $1 paint kit to have some craft time.  She chose to make a card for Boppa.

This guy snoozed through the festivities.

I busted out the Valentine's sensory box from last year.  I didn't add anything to it.  Good thing, since she paid attention to it for all of two minutes before moving on.

Since lunch plans got changed, I ended up making her lunch for dinner.  She had a heart shaped pb&j, pink applesauce, and some jello.  She was thrilled!  Michael and I ate a romantic dinner that came out of our freezer. ;)

After dinner, Olivia and I made a Valentine's Day cake.  We made the mistake of telling her too far in advance that we were going to make one.  She couldn't stop talking about it.

Our night was filled with hugs, snuggles, and kisses.

There was no fancy dinner date here, but love was still in the air.

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