Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Logan's Room and Mobile

Logan's room isn't really finished, but it most likely won't be for a little while so I thought I'd just go ahead and share a little sneak peek.

You may remember that the plan for Logan's room took a few twists and turns.  Originally, we had planned to still be staying with Michael's mom.  Therefore, he wouldn't even have had a room.  Once we decided to move, the search for the right "nursery" was on.  After much discussion, we settled on a transportation theme.  I had a color scheme in my head that I wanted to go with.  Unfortunately, all of the transportation type of bedding that I liked was a color that I didn't like.

On a random walk through Hobby Lobby I spotted some vintage metal superhero tins.  If you know my husband, then you know that he loves all things superhero.  So I texted him a picture and asked if he'd rather go that route with a blue and red nursery.  Of course he was ALL on board for this, so the transportation theme got thrown out the window.

This is the view from the doorway.  It's not a big room, but it will do.
We reused Olivia's nursery furniture.  The red and blue toy bins were actually from my classroom, but they match the colors so well that they got thrown in there.  The plan for above the toy bin is a superhero birth announcement.  I found one on etsy that I like, but of course I have to wait until I have his stats before ordering it.

We also went with blue (navy) black out curtains.  I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but the carpet in our house is NOT good.  We tried negotiating for it to be changed before we moved in, but they weren't really having it.  Unfortunately Logan's room is one of the worst.  That rug is placed strategically. :) There is another superhero rug that I really want.  If I end up getting it, it's strategic placement will be near the door.

 We hung the tins above the changing table.  They were originally $16, but I got them on sale for 50% off.

I decided to skip a bedding set this time and just mix and match pieces to match what I wanted.  The bedskirt and sheets came from Target.  Two of the three masks came from Target.  They actually sell all 3, but we found the spiderman one for clearance at the Disney store.  The ironman one was also a clearance after Christmas score!

I've already shared that I made the name banner.  I also made the mobile.  I am pretty pleased with it.  I probably spent about $3 and the rest was all items I already had on hand.  Not too bad!
 I'm pretty pleased with how it all turned out.

There's not a lot going on over here either.  I have some ideas for some do-it-yourself art that I want to do for the wall.  I am sort of at a loss for the top of the dresser.  The lamp is necessary, because there is no overhead light.  In fact, I may get a second one.  The frog is the stuffed animal I bought the day I found out I was pregnant (I did the same thing for Olivia).  The bucket was just something we had and it happened to match, so there it sits for the moment.  The closet is to the left.

That's it so far.  He will be staying in our room for a bit.  Hopefully I will be able to finish things in the next few months.  More so, because I don't like things hanging over my head.  But also so he can have his little space.

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  1. I love his nursery! How fun that you get to do something different since you are having a boy the second time around :)