Monday, February 10, 2014

The rest of the story

We ended up on a level 2 snow emergency on Wednesday, so our visitors were few.  That was alright though.  We didn't get moved to our postpartum room until 5 in the morning, so we were already starting out behind in the sleep department.

Logan spent part of the morning in the nursery having his breathing monitored.  Basically, since he went through the birth canal so fast, all of the fluids weren't squeezed out of his lungs properly--much like what sometimes happens to a c-section baby.  He was making constant noise and showing slight signs of distress.  It ended up being a very short term problem that worked itself out as he spit up throughout the day.

Laurie did venture out and bring Olivia to meet Logan.  She was SO excited.  I have to say, she knew exactly what was going on.  She walked in and said, "Logan is here.  He's not in your belly anymore!"  She immediately wanted to hold him.
She was instantly in love.

We got Olivia a gift from Logan.  I think the idea is to help the big sibling have "good" feelings towards the baby and not be jealous.  Plus, the baby gets a lot of attention, so it is to help even things out.  In all actuality, this was probably not necessary for us.  She isn't jealous at all, and actually didn't quite get that the gift was from Logan.

My friend Allyssa and I went to middle school and high school together.  We actually switched schools together in 10th grade.  She was definitely one of my best friends.  Her husband is in the military and she has lived all over the place.  Thankfully, she happens to be living in Dayton now.  So she made the hour and twenty minute trip to see me and meet Logan.

Laurie brought Olivia back later in the evening.

Their first visit was all about Olivia meeting Logan, so I made sure Laurie got her chance this time.

Logan got circumcised on Thursday.  Poor guy.

Michael's mom came by after work.  Olivia was with us. One of the kids at Laurie's work was sick, and we didn't want to risk Olivia getting sick.  She was happy to see grandma!  And grandma was happy to see both of her grandkids!

Soon after everyone left, Logan got put under the lights for being jaundice.
Despite having many dirty diapers and eating like a champ, his numbers were slightly elevated earlier in the day.  When they re-tested them, the numbers rose at a level higher than 2%.  That means lights.  He was on them for almost 24 hours and actually delayed our discharge some.

Friday was pretty uneventful.  We thought we would be leaving before noon, and didn't actually leave until 6:30.  We were so thankful to be able to head home.

Logan also has a little heart murmur.  We were told that this is pretty common.  However, it generally fixes itself in the first 24 hours.  His did not.  They want us to go and get it checked out with a pediatric cardiologist.  We are going to see what his regular pediatrician says. I am more than willing to have it looked into if necessary.  It just seemed the hospital pediatrician was overly cautious about everything.  At this point, I'm not concerned.  Hopefully it will be no big deal.

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