Monday, February 3, 2014

O's First Official Haircut

Depending on when baby brother decides to arrive, this may be our last weekend as a family of 3.  We decided to try to make it a little fun for Olivia.  She has Little Gym every Saturday morning.  It is close to one of our malls, so while we were in the area, we stopped in for some fun.

After a lunch in the food court, we headed to Sweet & Sassy.  Olivia needed a haircut badly.  I have cut her hair twice.  Both times it was to even out the baby growth.  I have to cut her bangs every 4 to 6 weeks and I hate it!  Her hair needed to be evened out.  The dead ends needed to be cut to make it healthy.

We won't likely be taking her to a fancy schmancy girly place every time, but we thought it would be fun for her first cut.
She did great!  She was actually pretty excited about it.  Which is kind of funny, because she keeps talking about how she likes that her hair is "long like Rapunzel's". :)

The girl took about 3/4 to 1 inch off of the bottom.  She said it actually wasn't in too bad of shape.

She also stacked it a little around her face.

She had me hold her head still for the bangs.

Then we decided to add a few layers in.  Olivia has Michael's color of hair, but the rest is all mine.  The girl cutting it said exactly what I have been told by multiple hairdressers.  "It's very silky and fine, but she has a LOT of it!"  She said the layers would help it out.

This cracks me up, because it totally sums Olivia up.  She's not mad.  She's not annoyed.  She is literally just taking it all in.  I can relate, because I use to get asked all the time what was wrong.  I guess our "thinking" faces just look a little ticked off. :)

I told her she could smile.  She looked at me.  Then looked back at the mirror.  Then this series of faces happened.  It is so her.... from thinker to goofball in a matter of seconds! 

She got a little braid.  Then the girl sprayed sparkles in her hair and she thought that was just great.  She also got to pick out a sucker.  When asked about her haircut, she says "I got sparkles in my hair and got an orange sucker!"  I think she was pleased with the whole experience.  A bonus is that we were only charged for a trim instead of a cut.  It was totally worth it!

 We walked next door to Barnes and Noble.  She had lots of fun reading the books...

 and playing with the trains.

Unfortunately, she had to go potty. Despite our efforts to take her to the bathroom (multiple times), she just would not go in public.  So we headed home.

She's ready for pictures with her brother now.  She can actually see again too!

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