Friday, February 14, 2014

Five for Friday

We have had some great success in the potty training department.  She is completely potty trained with no accidents.... as long as she can go in her duck potty.  She does not like going in public places. We are working on that.  She can hold it like a champ, which is both good and bad, so we haven't really had any accidents out and about yet either.  She also learned to pull her pants down soon after Logan's arrival.  This would be a tremendous help if she didn't pull them down even when she didn't really need to go. She pulls them down all day long, and she can't pull them back up that well.  I'm still trying to decide if potty training her two weeks before bringing home a newborn was brilliant or my dumbest idea yet.  I like the savings in the diaper department, but sometimes I wish she'd just pee in a diaper and be on her way.  I am super happy that she got it down so fast and isn't have problems, though.

I didn't forget about the drawing from my 1000th blog post!  I just haven't had a chance to take care of it.  So the winner is....


Laurie, I will get a little 31 goodie bag together for you!  Congratulations!

 I cannot count the number of times I have had people say, "She has an attention span of a five year old!" when referring to Olivia.  These are usually from people who have actually worked with children their entire lives, so they know what is age appropriate.  Apparently, attention spans go out the window when a new baby is brought home.  She suddenly cannot play by herself or sit and read books quietly.  Someone bring back that little girl that can entertain herself!!  At least for a few weeks, anyway....  Since Michael is contracted out he doesn't get vacation or paternity time the same as some.  He only took a week off.  He was back at work on Wednesday.  It's been a long few days.

So it turns out that I wasn't crazy--this formula is not working.  The problem did not fix itself by dragging it out 3 more days.  I have been pumping every two to three hours (when he eats) around the clock.  I am hardly getting anything.  Honestly, I am over this whole entire thing.  It was rough when Olivia went through it, because she was screaming bloody murder constantly and it took us a month or so to figure things out.  He doesn't cry and is pretty easy going, but it is not any easier on me.  Thinking about having to go dairy free makes me want to cry.  We will see what the doctor's say today.  It might be ready to feed liquid gold for us.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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