Sunday, February 2, 2014

1000th POST!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!  This is my 1000th post for this blog.  How crazy is that?!?!


I had an old blog back in the day that was just about my day to day happenings.  I kind of let it die down and then people kept telling me I should start a blog.  It kind of started as a way to share the things I did with Little Man, the decorations I was doing around my house, to pass along recipes, and to give any other information that came across my path.  It still has some of those elements, but also has a lot to do with me being a mom.  It's a great way to keep track of Olivia and all of her happenings.

Check out this statistic.... Over a 100,000 views since it all started.  That is crazy!
There were 97 views yesterday?!  Who know?!  I thought only about a dozen of you actually read and cared.

These statistics actually amaze me as well. Who is reading in Latvia?

Most people find my blog through Google.  Besides those that just type in my URL, Pinterest brings the second most amount of people.

My most viewed post is this apple art that I did with Little Man.  I know for sure that it is pinned on Pinterest.  It has been viewed over 4000 times.

 My second most viewed post is this Christmas Centerpiece post.
I'm not sure if it is on Pinterest or not, but it has over 3500 views.

I just do this blog for fun.  It's one of my hobbies.  It's always a way for me to document our life.  I wasn't great with filling in the baby book, but I can find almost anything I need to about Olivia.  I love reading other people's blogs, so this is a fun way for me to feel connected.

In honor of my ONE THOUSANDTH post, I am going to do a little giveaway.  Leave a comment. Tell me what your favorite posts are, or something fun you have to share about my blog.  I will draw a winner in a few days (I don't want to give a specific day in case I go into labor).  The winner will get a special little treat from my Thirty-One collection.

Happy reading, friends!


  1. 1000 - Wow. I am one of the many, it appears, that check out your blog every day, because I am interested in my niece's life ;) and sometimes even try some of your recipe ideas and art projects ! !
    Can't wait to see pics of Logan

  2. I check in with your blog a few times a day. A few times before you've posted anything new... so your numbers are probably higher because of me :)oops. I look forward to reading what you have to say about life, the silly antics of Miss O, and tried and tested recipes.... I used to wish I could be crafty like you, but I gave up on that! Cant wait to read when you start posting things about baby Logan.

  3. I don't have a particular blog that I like . . . I love the creative way you blog about just anything! :) And, I love all the pictures of your lil family!! :) Lord knows I'm not creative so I have to see what you did but then it makes me wish you were here to help me decorate!! Oh well . . . Can't wait for your little guy to make his appearance!!

    Love ya!