Tuesday, February 4, 2014

39 Weeks, Baby #2

How far along: 39 weeks

Size of baby: for weeks 37 to delivery (month 9) the baby is the size of a watermelon
Average size is 18.9 to 20.9 inches and 6.2 to 9.2 pounds.

Total weight gain/loss: +18.2
Yep, that's right. 3 pounds gained in a week!  Yikes.  I'm not really surprised.  I have begun to have some major swelling this week.  What worries me is that I have gained 5 1/2 pounds in 2 weeks!  It's not the number that is the problem.  I just worry that means that something else is going on... or he's getting huge.  Ugh.  Just come already, buddy!
 Gender: It's a boy! 

Movement: He is back to his normal shenanigans of hardly moving.

Sleep: Bleh.  I am so uncomfortable, but like usual--once I fall asleep I am alright.

What I miss: being comfortable

Cravings: anything that doesn't require ME to cook ;)

Symptoms: I am sore, achy, and sometimes just in flat out pain.  I'm pretty much ready to be done.

Fun Purchases: Nothing this week.  We are all set for now.  We are just waiting.

Surprises: Honestly, I am a little surprised that I am still pregnant.  I know.  That sounds crazy because a typical pregnancy delivers between weeks 39 and 41.  It's just since I knew at around 31 weeks with Olivia that I would have an early induction, I just expected that this time around would follow suit in a way.  I didn't necessarily think that I would deliver as early this time, but I wouldn't have been surprised to have had a January baby.  Oh well.  I guess I might get to experience things both ways--planned and spontaneous.

We are pretty much ready.  The laundry is done, the house is clean, and everything on my list is pretty much checked off.  I never experienced the "just ready to be done" deal with Olivia, but I can now sympathize with the women who say this.  It's manageable, but I'm ready to just have him here.

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