Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reindeer Platter

Well, I guess I can tell you now... the reason I have been missing blogs lots of days, and have hardly done any crafts is because of the baby.  I have been worn out and tired most nights and just not in the mood to blog.  Also, the baby has seemed to zap all creative juices right out of me--at least for now.  I have no desire to craft and can't come up with something crafty to do for the life of me.

But... for the sake of Nana and Papa and all things Christmas, I (sort of) pulled something out.  (With some help and inspiration from my friend Laurie!)  Here is Little Man's Christmas gift to Nana and Papa.

I bought a $3 tray from Hobby Lobby
These are the other supplies I used

I went ahead and painted it.  I did it for three reasons... I wanted to save time.  I knew it might get a little complicated.  Lastly, I wanted an even cover so the rest of the project would work.  Call me a cheat.  I don't care.  I'm glad I did, because it was a little complicated.  I gave it two coats.  I maybe could have used a third, but I was ready to move on! :)

First I painted one of Little Man's feet (minus the toes) and put it down.  Then I painted both of the hands to make the antlers.

After it dried we added the details

I wrote Merry Christmas with a paint pen
(sorry, didn't realize when I took it that it was blurry)

When I bought this ribbon to put it on, A) I thought it would go under the face, but I ran out of room, and B) I wasn't planning on keeping the boarder of the tray the red that it was.  It sort of blends in, but is still cute.

I guess I could have got smaller red pom poms.  Apparently I thought Little Man's foot was going to be bigger? :)
That's OK.  Nana and Papa will love it!

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