Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh how I love thee... (16)

...let me count the ways!


 In honor of Michael's birthday, I thought I'd share one of my most favorite things about him and the man he has become.  I love that Michael is living proof that chivalry is not dead!  He is the most thoughtful and caring man I know.  He is the epitome of "gentleman".  For that, I am so proud to be his wife!  He respects women--not just me, but all women.  Unfortunately, that is not as common as it should be.  He honors women and treats them as the precious jewels God has intended them to be.  His mama done raised him right! :)

He always, and I mean always, opens doors for me.  When he picked me up on my first date, he walked around to my side of the car, opened the door and said, "I always open doors, so get use to it!".  I have! :)  Lots of people said (rude!) things like, "Oh that won't last once you get married" or "I give that a year".  Some said, "My husband use to do that until (fill in the blank)."  Well, we've been together nearly five years and he is STILL opening EVERY door EVERY time.  He doesn't just open the car door--he opens it, waits until I get in, and then closes it.  He'll open car doors for other women that are riding with us too.  (It gets my grandma every time!  She always says, "Oh, I forgot!  I'm not use to that!:)

Depending on the situation, he will pull my chair out for me and help me get seated before he sits.

 He will always offer his seat to a woman who is standing--no matter what her age is.  One time we had to tell an elderly lady that he got up so she could sit.  She said, "Oh thank you!  Nobody does that anymore these days".  I said, "My husband does!" :)

Without making a scene or even mentioning it, he will take the protective roll when walking.  If we are walking outside, he puts himself closest to the street.  It's not a big deal.  I'm not going to get run over... but it's what a man should do.  If we are walking past people who may be questionable, he will switch sides so that he is closest to the people instead of me.  Like I said, it's never talked about, it's just done.

When we go grocery shopping together, he will open up the car door and help me into the car.  Then he will unload the groceries into the car.  This is especially true with bad weather.  He also then carries all the groceries into the house.

He always waits and has me walk up stairs in front of him.   When it comes to our front door, he allows me to walk up the stairs first, then he opens the door and moves out of the way for me to enter the house first.  It would be no big deal for him to walk in the house in front of me, but it's showing honor and respect.

He will do all he can to prevent me from having to deal with bad weather.  Once, when we were dating, he carried around an umbrella in the mall in case it was raining when we left.  My neighbor (who was a guy) said, "Man, you got a good one.  I would never carry around and umbrella for a girl.  She can get wet!".  Typical guy!  Once when I got home from work, he came out of the house with the umbrella to walk me to the door so I wouldn't get wet.  He will get up, even on a day when he doesn't have work or school, to make sure that the sidewalk is shoveled and my car is scraped and warm for when I have to leave for work.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.  I have a gem.  I know it, and I'm keeping him! :)

Love you Michael!  I hope you have an amazing birthday! 


  1. you know why he lets you walk up the stairs in front of him right?! to see your butt :) haha :)

    yes Michael is awesome! happy birthday Michael, keep treating my Bethany right :) Love ya both!

  2. You got me Erica =). Thanks babe for all the compliments! It's my pleasure.

  3. Thanks for the compliment Bethany, but I can't take all the credit, Michael's father was a good role model too. My mother still tells the story that when she was growing up in a household of 10, no one started eating until Grandma sat down, and people didn't reach and grab food, they asked for it to be passed, and said please and thank you. I'm glad that Michael is like he is too. It's always nice to be treated like a lady, that's a term you don't hear very often nowadays. Good manners never go out of style. Men and children should receive the same respect.

  4. Fantastic! Michael you are an amazing man, not many of our generation do that any more. Nice touch Bethany on highlighting some very subtle but honoring attributes of Michael's character.