Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas (remix)

Unfortunately, my house is not decorated for Christmas.  Nor will it be this year.  This makes me sad.  My tradition is to do all my decorating the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I usually leave the Wednesday before to go to Thanksgiving in Indiana with my family.  We don't get back until later on the Sunday after.  I like to come home and have it already be Christmas! :)  Sadly, this year did not go as planned.  First, I had an exhausting weekend before Thanksgiving.  I meant to do it, but it just didn't happen.  Then, by the time I would have got around to it, it was the first weekend of December.  Plus, I thought that the movers were going to have to come and pack up our house the week before Christmas.  So I made the decision to just skip it.  Plus, we have our house on the market and a big Christmas tree in our small living room probably wouldn't have helped matters.  So... no decorations for us. :(  I'm also not doing any fun crafts like last year, or going all out on wrapping the very few gifts I have to wrap.  Considering all of that, I decided we'd just take a little walk down memory lane from last year's over the top Christmas. :)  Enjoy.
Love my NOEL letters

(Remember I was still using my crappy camera!?!?)

My tree

Michael's tree

Ornaments everywhere

Handmade cards
(Yeah--that's not happening this year!)

Creative gift wrapping
(again, with the blurry camera)

And some homemade gifts

I guess I'm just going to have to enjoy all of the Christmas spirit in the stores and at other people's houses.  Hopefully next year I'll be back in full creative force! :)

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