Thursday, December 23, 2010


It's been a week of "lasts" for Little Man (and sort of me too).  Even still, it hasn't quite sunk in yet that we are leaving in a week.  Truly, it hasn't even sunk in that it's going to be Christmas in a few days!

Last week Wednesday Little Man had his last day of soccer.  He has had the same coach/teacher since we started there a year and a half ago.  Coach Chad is going to miss Little Man, and Little Man is going to miss Coach Chad.  We got lots of pictures though.

Thursday was Little Man's last day at his preschool.  I think he's going to miss his friends, but it hasn't quite hit him what it all means yet.  His teacher's loved him!  I'm sure they'll miss him.  I'll miss some of the mom's and grandma's I met! :(

Friday was his last Little Gym class.  We'll probably do Little Gym in Texas just because it's something familiar to him.  He walked out of class saying, "My friends are really going to miss me, Bethany!"  Apparently, one of the girls actually started crying!  (She is  the same girl that told her mom a month or so ago that Little Man's hair smelled good! ha ha!)

This week we had our last play date with Little Man's best friends and two of my favorite people to hang out with while "working".  It's really sad.  I had to say good bye to my friend Jen today.  It's the last time I'll see her before I go.  It's was one of my first "official" good byes to someone I actually spend a lot of time with.  It sort of started to make it real to me.  Luckily, she plans on coming down to visit!  It's a great friendship that grew out of taking a kids music and then a kids art class together.  I hope I'm able to make some of those same type of friendships in Texas.

Yesterday was my last day of work in Ohio.  It's my last day of work until January 3rd.  So weird.  The countdown is really on now!  I have a feeling there are some tears in my near future!

December 23rd and 24th- hanging out with Michael's mom and sister
December 25th- Christmas
December 26th- Game night with my sister and friend Laurie
December 28th- MOVERS COME!
December 29th- Movers continue if needed
December 31st- We LEAVE! AGH!!!
January 1st- We arrive in Texas
January 2nd- We get the keys to our apartment

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