Thursday, October 15, 2015

Weekend Fun--Pumpkins!

Our weekdays are full.  Obviously Michael works during the day.  I work most nights.  We have preschool, MOPS, play dates, grocery shopping, cleaning, appointments, laundry... You know.  The usual family stuff.  Most days our half hour at the dinner table is the only time that all 4 of us are together.  So when it comes to the weekends, we try to pack in as much fun and family time as possible.  (I switched my schedule so that I no longer work on the weekends.  Technically I am suppose to work at least one shift.  But I know my value.  And I can negotiate.  So, weekends off it is! :)

Our weekend started with Michael and Olivia attending a Lowe's Build and Grow.  I've talked about this before.  Both Home Depot and Lowe's have these events and they are FREE.  We don't go every month.  I try to pick and choose the ones that I think Olivia would really like.  That way it's a special thing here and there.  This month there was a "haunted birdhouse", which is right up our holiday loving girl's alley!

As soon as they got done, they picked up Logan and I and we headed out for some lunch and pumpkin fun.

We were already scheduled to go to a pumpkin patch with our MOPS friends later in the week, so we just went to a local church's patch.  Everything was free except for the pumpkins.  The pumpkins were a little overpriced, but since that is where they were making their money (and it was a ministry of a church), I didn't mind as much.

Olivia was super excited, of course!  Logan just followed along.

Logan loved all the pumpkins.  He learned to say pumpkin (sort of).  Anything that looks like a ball is all good in his world.

They had a great time running and climbing through the hay maze.

From there we went on the hay ride

Then we headed over to the bounce houses and we had them all to ourselves for a little bit.

Logan wasn't too sure about it (catching the theme with him?), so Michael got in and helped him out.

They had face painting too, but it was so dang hot out and it was time for naps.  So we skipped that and headed home for rest time.

As soon as Logan woke up, we headed out again. This time to a local cities "Pumpkinfest". We had never been.  Since we are "new" to some of the area and events, it is a bit of a learning experience.  There wasn't much to this "fest".  You could buy a pumpkin and decorate it, but since we just bought some pumpkins, we skipped that part. There were a few other things too, but nothing spectacular.  So instead, we split a snow cone and played on the play ground.
The kids didn't mind.

Michael took Olivia to the big kid side...

and Logan and I hit up the toddler side.


  1. Which church - is that Grace Avenue? If so, I have been wanting to take the girls there.....