Friday, October 23, 2015

Professional Pictures--4 years/20 months

I mentioned that we had the kids pictures taken last weekend.  It was suppose to take two weeks to get the proofs back, but we received them this week!

It had been over a year since we did family pictures.  And we still could use some updated family ones, but I really wanted to get Olivia's 4 year pictures and Logan's 18 month pictures.  Poor buddy doesn't have nearly as many pictures as his sister did.  So this session was all about the kids.  I'm thinking we will do a mini session for family shoots some time in the near future.

Isn't she beautiful? :)

I love this one of Logan!

Oh, Logan... I was 100% sure that he was going to give us a hard time, and he did.  It's just who he is.  But somehow, I still really like this picture.

Olivia was a stinker herself at that age, but now she's at an age where we can reason (and bribe!) and I think she actually enjoyed the photo shoot.

If only Olivia was looking...

Can you tell he has a treat in his mouth? ;)

Big brown eyes!  It's so funny.  Before we ever had children I told Michael that I didn't really care whose features they had except that I wanted them to have his beautiful blue eyes.  Well, Logan has my brown eyes, and Olivia has hazel eyes (from my dad, I'm assuming).  Oh well...

While we were working HARD to get Logan to smile, Olivia just started posing herself on this bench.  Our photographer (who is a fellow table leader from my MOPS group!) just went with it.  I like Olivia's eyes in this picture.

I really like this one because I feel like it's a pretty genuine smile.

Logan is too cool, apparently.  I feel like in 16 years we are going to have a senior picture of him with a similar look. :)

Despite people always saying Logan looks like Michael, Michael is convinced that he looks like me.  He feels like this picture reinforces his theory. ;)

Oh, this sweet boy.  He sure has turned our world upside down, but I do love him so!

ha ha!

Olivia: "Seriously.  Can you just smile so we can go eat. I'm starving."
Logan: "You're not the boss of me."

Just kidding. I don't know what they were saying and thinking, but I do kind of love their expressions.

Well. I'm not going to frame this or anything, but for posterity's sake... this sums them up.

"you only need that one shot"... well, this was it.  The money shot. 

Despite the tears and sass, they are mine and I love them.  TGIF! :)


  1. They turned out great! Who was the photographer & where did you have the pictures taken? I have been really bad about having pictures taken also.

    1. Kristen Michael took them. We did them at Adriatica in McKinney. It was a good spot!

  2. I love all the pictures!! Your little love bugs are so cute & expressive! :)