Monday, October 19, 2015

The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm

The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm is where we use to always go when we lived here before.  This year my MOPS group had planned a group wide play date there, so we just waited and went with them.  It moved locations, and a lot of buzz on Facebook is that it wasn't as good. So I didn't want to pay twice for it.

I had to laugh at this.  All of my Texas friends think this is totally normal, but I'm sure my northern friends think the photo bomb by the longhorn is crazy.  We don't have longhorns at our pumpkin patches up north! :)

As part of the admission you get a cup of feed for the animals. There are big pieces for the longhorns, and then little pellets for the goats and sheep.  Logan was super excited to see the animals, but when we got up close and it was time to feed them... he totally chickened out.  So Olivia used both cups!

I assisted Logan in a quick feed.  He wanted to do it, but was dropping more than he was holding and he was getting whiny the closer he got.  But he did participate a little.

This goat face just made me laugh.

Some of the girls from my table wanted to meet a little earlier because of nap times.  So we beat the crowd and did a hay ride with them.

This poor kid... two seconds out in any heat and his skin gets beat red.  It's not a sunburn.  He just gets super flushed. It's the Norwegian in him, I guess. :)

Then we ran through the hay maze... which wasn't all that spectacular, in my opinion.  Although, I do realize I'm spoiled by fall in the north.

Logan was NOT cooperating in the picture department.

As part of admission you get a small pie pumpkin, so we went over and picked ours out.

I was trying to get a a picture of them both holding their pumpkin.  Kids.

Where the animals were was the only shaded part.  So we went back in there and visited them again.  Logan was a little braver this time.


They had a great morning, and we always enjoy seeing our MOPS friends.

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