Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Frozen Fun

We had yet another busy weekend!  So much so, that it is going to end up in multiple posts.

It started out with a birthday party for Camdyn.  This was our first birthday party where it was just for little girls and their mommies.  So Logan and Michael stayed home.  Which worked out well, because it was right around Logan's nap time.

Cammy had met Anna and Elsa at the craft bizarre just like Olivia did. She became obsessed, and therefore it was a Frozen themed party.
They rearranged their furniture a little and just had it in the living room.  We walked in to a table for eating and Frozen playing on the TV. Olivia exclaimed, "That is so perfect that you have the movie playing since it's a Frozen party!" It cracked all of the mom's up.  I guess she's just never been to a party where a movie was playing at the same time and she was impressed with how the theme pulled together. LOL!

After they ate, the entertainment arrived.  I happened to be the one to open the door (so others could get the picture/video of the birthday girl), but in doing so I got a great shot of Olivia.

Olivia is telling them that they are on the TV. :)

The first thing they do is crown the birthday girl a princess, and then they each read a book.  Olivia just helped herself to Elsa's book and just kept telling her things like, "Look.  You have snow on your face here.  That's funny!"  Ha!  She seriously believed that they are Anna and Elsa.

Next, the girls sat at the table and made bracelets.  While they worked, they went into the other room one at a time and got to have a head shot taken with the princesses.  Alycia's friend is a photographer, so she offered up her services for this.

After bracelets and pictures, the girls got "magic" glitter tattoos.

Then they had a snowball fight!

They blasted the Frozen soundtrack and had a dance party--which is right up Olivia's alley!

They took a break to sing to the birthday girl and eat cupcakes.

They followed it up with a little more dancing before the princesses had to return to Arendale.

Olivia hasn't been to a ton of birthday parties, but it's safe to say this was probably her favorite!
We hope we can get her to Disney while she's still into all of the princesses and while it's still magical for her. :)

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  1. What a fun party - Sadie would have loved that because she is Frozen obsessed :)