Friday, October 16, 2015

Painting Pumpkins 2015

On Sunday we went to church as usual. Only we decided to go to first service instead of second.

Olivia is loving one of my old kids C.D.'s from my teaching days.  Her favorite is singing "Nothing is to difficult for thee" :)

Since we got home earlier than we usually do, we headed outside to play.  The kids played in the and box, Michael raked leaves, and I spray painted something that I've been putting off for weeks.

After about an hour outside, we headed in for lunch and naps.

As soon as Logan woke up, it was time to paint our pumpkins!

I love this picture!  Olivia has painted pumpkins for 3 years now.  But this was Logan's first time.  He made one stroke and then pointed and said, "See!".  He was so proud of himself. :)

Oh, Olivia.  So despite telling her that we would be carving a pumpkin at some point... she decided to give her pumpkin a jack-o-lantern face.  She painted two eyes, a nose, and a mouth and declared she was done.  Not quite what we had in mind.

 So Michael helped her out a little and I gave her a little circle dabber brush that she liked and we got her to add a little more.

These have made a beautiful addition to our front porch.

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