Thursday, October 22, 2015

Walks, Firefighters, and Donuts! Oh my!

We got home really late on Saturday night and both kids were melting down from being overtired.  So we decided to sleep in and skip church. (Side note: we LOVE our new church!!!)

So after a slow wake up and a cup of coffee, we decided to enjoy the cooler weather and go for a walk around the neighborhood. Some of our neighbors decorated their lawns, doors, porches and trees, so we went on a hunt for Halloween decorations.

Then on a whim we decided to just keep walking and go to Dunkin Donuts.

On our way we passed a fire station.  Since the weather was nicer, they had the truck out and were cleaning it.  They waved us over and asked the kids if they wanted to get in.

 One of the firefighters were telling them about everything inside the truck.

And Olivia even got to ring the bell!

 By the time we got to Dunkin' Donuts it was practically lunch.  We still got the kids donuts, though.

Donuts are her love language. ;)

We were wishing we had the wagon on the way back.  Logan just snuggled in and was "singing" to Michael.  So cute!

We bought the firefighters some donuts, but unfortunately when we got back to the station there wasn't anyone there to answer.  We did give Olivia a good lesson on community helpers, though.

TWO HOURS LATER we arrived home for naps and then it was off to life group.  We are all loving that, as well!

Like I said, it was a jam packed weekend. But it was all good.  I love my little family. :)

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