Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Carving

I already told you that our weekends are the time were we try to pack in some family fun.  About every 4th weekend or so we end up having nothing on the calendar.  We tend to spend a weekend recharging at home.  There are always projects to do (like the garage!), and it's good to have some down time as well.

That was last weekend for us.  There were a few church festivals we could have gone to, but overall there wasn't much we had planned.  It happened to be a great weekend to cozy down inside.  We were suppose to get 7 to 10 inches of rain between Thursday night and Sunday.  I'm not sure what the exact count ended up being, but it did rain the whole weekend.  Which caused a lot of festivals to be canceled anyway.

Our lazy Saturday morning consisted of cartoons, games...

puzzles and the fall sensory bin.

There was coloring and legos, dance parties and playing catch.

We also carved our pumpkin!

Logan was definitely disgusted by the pumpkin guts, but not enough to keep him from helping out.

When we bought the pumpkin (from Target), I picked up a special treat as well.  We didn't do a ton of apple activities this year since there is no apple picking around here.  So I bought a caramel apple for the kids to eat (and then cheated and cut it up) and one for Michael and I to share as well.

I read a Franklin Halloween book while they ate and Michael worked on the carving.

Originally Olivia said she wanted a spider like last year, but then she chose a picture out of one of the carving books we had.

Our pumpkin

The kids loved it!  We love making these memories with them.

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