Thursday, January 29, 2015


Much of Olivia and Logan's first year has been the same.  Based on my experience as a teacher, I always expected them to be completely different.  I was amazed that Logan came out as basically an identical baby to his sister.  Same sleep habits, same eating habits, exact same schedule, same food issues....  But the tables are starting to turn.

Logan is definitely a climber.  I still wouldn't consider Olivia a climber.  She certainly never did it as a wee one.

And he has absolutely no fear

He will climb up anything he can, and his favorite thing to do is try to head dive off of the side of a chair.  It will be a miracle if I keep him from breaking his neck!

He climbed over the arms of the chairs to move from one chair to the other.

Trying to head dive over the back of the chair.  He thinks he's funny too.

I won't be surprised if he is climbing out of his crib before his second birthday.  I guess it's time to get ready for having a growing boy!

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