Thursday, January 22, 2015

Random Ramblings...

I've been asked to blog more.  I've also had people checking up on me since the big news.  So I thought I'd just throw together a little post in bullet form.

**I cried like a baby when Michael left.  Olivia isn't use to seeing me crying.  Sweet girl was a little distraught.  She kept saying things like, "Here.  These tissues will help." and "I'm here for you!" and "Oh, come on, we'll have lots of fun together."  Along with "It will be ok.  He will be back."  Mixed in with a lot of pitiful "ooh" and "aww" sounds.

**Speaking of Olivia, she is doing well.  She was confused at first.  She kept saying he will be back at dark.  I kept trying to explain that no, he will not be back for a looong time.  I think as the days have gone on she has understood it more.  She asks to talk to him.  We called him a few times on his two day drive.  She's Skyped with him twice now.  Last night she asked him if he found the perfect house for us yet. :)  She knows we are moving to Texas, although I don't think she fully understands what that means.

**Michael arrived safely in Texas.  He stopped in to see people at his old company.  This week he is staying with my 31 director.  They just built a very nice new home, so he is living in the lap of luxury. ;)

**The kids and I are doing alright.  My house looks like a bomb went off, but other than that we are surviving.  We had to go grocery shopping earlier in the week.  That was a nightmare!  We are trying to eat all the food we already have in the house, but I needed things like formula, bananas, bread...  Luckily it was one of my shorter trips, but it was still not a ton of fun.  I'm blessed to be able to go without kids usually.

**Michael had his first day on Tuesday.  He knew traffic was going to be bad, so he left super early (like 2 hours!  If you know my Marine husband, then this will not surprise you).  It took him 50 minutes. Ugh!  But he found out that he can work flex time. He can go in whenever he wants and leave whenever he wants as long as he works an 8 hour day (lunch not included).  He went in at 7 the second day and it cut his drive time in half!

**His direct contact and partner worker is Matt.  I guess after just spending half the day with Michael, Matt went to the VP and congratulated him and told him he made a good hire and it was a great decision on his part.  Apparently they usually hire or promote from within when they can and there were a few other people that really wanted Michael's position.  So Michael is "lucky" to have even been considered.

**Michael really likes the job so far.  He likes Matt, he is doing work that he knows and is comfortable with, and feels 100% confident that this was the right decision for us.

**We found out that in order to break our lease we were going to forfeit our deposit AND have to keep paying rent until they find someone else to occupy the place.  On top of giving them a 60 day notice.  So that was a big hit.  But then in a random twist of events it turns out that we didn't officially resign the lease in January (even though we think we did and have a screen shot of what we thought was an official signing).  The owners of the house were on the fence about selling, so the property management held back an important piece of the puzzle.  Long story short, all we have to do is give 60 days, pay month to month for two months, and we will get our deposit back and not be responsible for any further rent. This is a HUGE answer to prayer for us.  I'm calling it miracle number 1 (because I know there are more to come!).  It's also confirmation that we are doing what we are suppose to be doing.  We needed this mountain moved, and it was.

**On Michael's second day of work, Matt was in a meeting with the VP and the VP mentioned something about getting Michael some training.  Matt said, "Oh, he's already doing x, y, and z (data talk for those of us less knowledgeable).  I think he is just fine."  This job is a step up from what he was doing, or maybe just on a bigger scale, so he was a little concerned there would be things he didn't know.  This was a nice boost of confidence for him.

**We are still working on the housing situation.  We are most likely going to rent, which means coming up with a deposit and rent (which is significantly higher than we pay here) AND moving costs.  We have until March 31st to move out of our current house, so it looks like we may be moving sometime around there.

**I have been packing every day during Logan's afternoon nap.  I have started with our basement.  Ugh.  We have so. much. stuff.  I've already got a pile to donate, a pile to hopefully sell, and multiple boxes packed.  It's times like these that I wish we were minimalists. :)

**We found out that Michael's company just shuts down every year from around December 22nd to January 2nd.  This is awesome news!  He won't have to take vacation time just to celebrate Christmas, and it will help us tremendously if we are traveling for the holidays!

Well... that's it for now.  Logan just fell asleep, Olivia is at preschool, and I just finished my cup of coffee.  It's time for me to start frantically cleaning my house!  Hopefully I'll get some pictures of the kids up tomorrow.

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