Friday, January 9, 2015

Snowy Fun

We got a couple of inches of snow late Monday evening/early Tuesday morning.
Of course Olivia wanted to go out in it as soon as she found out about it.
Michael actually stayed home from work (because I had a staph infection on my leg that had to be drained in the ER in the middle of the night--grrrr!).  So he was able to take her out to play.  Poor buddy wanted to join the fun!

Michael was just finishing up the shoveling by the time Olivia got bundled up and headed out.  I'm not sure if you can tell, but she is pushing her lawn mower to "help" shovel. :)

It wasn't really packing snow (again!), but we had bought a cheap sled to use.  There is an area between our house and our neighbors in the back that is a slight "hill".  Michael made her a track.

A little blurry, but you can see the "hill".  It was perfect size for Olivia.

We took bubby's 11 month pictures while they were out there.  Then it was back to watching them.

She had a blast outside!  She's been begging to spray the snow with colored water like last time.  She we scrounged up some bottles and they played with them for a bit (the pictures didn't turn out).  They came in soon after and got all cuddly and warm on the couch! Yay for snow days and an awesome daddy who takes kids out to play! :)

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  1. Looks like she had lots of fun! :) Love the hat! ;)