Friday, January 23, 2015

Photo Dump Friday

Figuring out these beads

Girlfriend had jelly everywhere--even up her nose.  Mostly because she chooses to be picky about her food and eats the messiest way possible.  I swear she is probably the only three and a half year old still wearing a bib, but I don't even care.

My water baby!  He LOVES the water.  Loves, loves, loves!

Since our house is a split level, there is a set of stairs going up and going down from our main level.  We can't really put gates up without drilling into the banister and even then I don't think it would work.  So we have our little cage thing around them.  Well, guess who figured out how to move it?!  Then he goes straight for the stairs.

We are working on that sippy cup!  He can drink out of them just fine.  He just hasn't fully got down that he needs to tip it.  He doesn't tip his bottle either.  He has to be laying down to drink it.  So we are working on the tip.  I refuse to pack the bottles or anything bottle related, so they will be gone before our move!

Olivia is currently obsessed with having "picnics".  She will set up little picnics all over the house with her play food and then begs you to have a picnic with her.

He wanted to be part of our picnic too!


We are trying to teach Logan to be "gentle".  I clearly remember being told as a child to watch out because one day my brother was going to be bigger than me and then he would be picking on me.  Well, my brother is a foot taller than me and much, much bigger than me and this truth came to pass.  We keep telling Olivia the same thing, but she might not have to wait until he is 10.  He's giving her a run for her money now!  Pulling her hair is his favorite! :)

Blueberries, bananas, green beans... Mmmm!

It was pajama day at preschool for the letter P!  We stepped up our P game and even work pink pigtails and purple shoes!  They got to bring a stuffed animal with them, and after centers they got popcorn, pretzels, and watched Peter Pan.

Love my boy!

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