Monday, January 12, 2015

Girl's Date!

Last weekend Olivia and I went on a little girl's date.
It started out with a trip to the library.  It is so much easier to pick out books without a little brother around.  Those are all of the books she found that she wanted to check out--princesses, fairies, doc, and even a Daniel Tiger.

She wanted to read some of the books right then and there.  As she flipped through them she kept saying, "Wow!  This is so much fun!"

Then it was time to play!  She's offering me some bread.  Mmmm! :)

"Look!  A "v" like in my name!"  She's so cute.

After the library we headed to Dunkin Donuts.  Ever since her birthday she has been talking about wanting "purple donuts, and pink donuts, and green donuts".  I don't know where she got this idea, but I figured DD was the best option for this.

showing her dirty hands
They only had pink to choose from out of her color requests, but she was pleased. Strawberry frosting and sprinkles are right up her alley.

She pretty much only ate the topping off of it.  Just like she eats her cupcakes--frosting only.  Silly girl.  She had a good time though.

Girlfriend is in some kind of three year old funk that is trying our patience and any parenting skills we thought we might have had.  So we are working every angle we can think of and praying that this is just a "phase".  Because Lord help us all if it's not. :)

This last weekend she begged to go to the grocery store with me.  Then called it a "girl's date" the whole time.  If that's what makes her feel special, then she can tag along.  Parenting is hard. But I love my girl!

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  1. I feel your pain! Friends have told me that 3 is worse than 2 & we are figuring that out already :( I am so glad to hear that we aren't the only ones questioning our parenting!