Friday, October 10, 2014

Photo Dump Friday

Getting ready to go to ballet on a cold day.  Photo bombed by brother again.

just chilling in the jumperoo

I took both kids to the grocery store, and I was trying to take a picture of them for Michael.  Logan wasn't looking at all, but Olivia looked so cute sitting in the back of the cart.

Riding the 1 cent horse at the grocery store.  Doesn't she look perfectly posed?

Reading books before bed while big sis is at swimming... we don't read to him nearly as much as we did to Olivia, so we are trying to be better about it.

She found these glasses in her room.  I told her they were for when she was a baby and they don't fit, but she insisted on playing with them. Goof.

Mowing the lawn for Boppa. ;)

Enjoying being outside

"What is this thing?"

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

 I was laying on the floor next to him, and trying to take a picture.  I cut most of myself out, but he looked cute!

Skipping nap to go to a Doctor's appointment for mommy.  He did GREAT and everyone just loved him!

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