Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Glimpse

I was finally able to get some videos uploaded from my phone to the computer.  I might share some others later, but here are two from the last week or so.  I'm sure this might be a little boring to some, so this post may be just for the grandparents and aunts. ;)

Logan woke up from his nap and was fussing/crying and telling me to come and get him.  As soon as I walked in the door and said something to him, his cries turned immediately to laughs.  Stinker!

Olivia does this often.  She'll just run around singing.  Sometimes it's just a bunch of thoughts put together that don't really make sense--pieces of dialogue from a show, her own imagination, and parts of a song that she just strung together.  And sometimes it's just nonsensical fun.  The hair flip is a signature move. ;)  Sometimes she'll do it and say, "My hair is so beautiful" because she gets so many comments on it.

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  1. These videos crack me up - it's almost like putting a video in my house & watching my two! Kids are so funny :)