Thursday, October 9, 2014

Painting a Pumpkin

We had a 40 degree drop in temps last weekend, so we spent most of the weekend just hanging out at home.  I had to run out for a quick appointment, so I stopped by Kroger and bought a $4 pumpkin.  We will definitely still be going to the patch, but will likely use that pumpkin to carve.  I thought painting a pumpkin would be a great indoor activity for us.  Olivia agreed.

Michael painted the smiley face, and I did the "S".  About a minute later Olivia ran her brush all around the pumpkin without even looking and that was the end of my S. :/

We let it dry for a few days, and then it was time to add the jewels.

We used the leftovers from last year and some sequins.  She preferred the jewels from last year and used them all up.

She kept commenting on how beautiful it was!

Note: She does wear clothes other than pajamas. ;)  It is just easier to do these projects when Logan is sleeping, and since his first nap of the day is at 9 she is usually still in "just waking up" mode.

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