Wednesday, October 15, 2014


We headed to a local metro park on Sunday afternoon to enjoy the nice weather.
Olivia thought we were going to a playground park, and she wasn't sure about it at first...

But she decided it was fun!

We got to check out all of the nice changing colors.

We made our way to a little tree house area.  Some bigger kids were walking on this bridge all crazy, and she was just not sure about it.  She needed A LOT of encouragement (and maybe a nudge) to go across, but she did it!

She and I went walking along the little paths for a bit.

and stopped for this quick photo op!

We met back up with Logan and Boppa, and then Boppa and Olivia climbed up the tree house.

Be still my heart.

Seriously... They are just the cutest!

Olivia and Boppa kept playing with the tree house and Logan got to play with the leaves.

Or eat them ;)

An attempt at playing in the leaves

Then we went to check out other areas of the park.

My camera battery died, but I was still able to get a few shots on with my phone.

Olivia said, "Oh look!  A bench!" and then posed herself like that all on her own. 

Logan enjoys being outside, and is always happy to take in new scenery.

More playing in the leaves

Do you see that little dot down there.  Olivia loved running down the hill.  Of course.

No running for us!

There go Boppa and Olivia!

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  1. Beautiful pictures - we definitely don't have any parks or beautiful foliage like that here in Texas!