Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Creepside at Creekside

Yes.  We are still alive! :)  I just haven't been in the mood to blog lately.  But the pictures are piling up, so I thought I better get back at it.

Last week we attended Creepside.  It's held at the same little place that we went on the paddle boat rides.  A bunch of businesses come out and hand out candy and information.  Then there is also a little trail put on by the church where I use to teach at.  It has fun games and is suppose to be a non scary alternative.  There are also food truck options as well, but we ate before we went.

Most people wear their costumes, but Olivia just wore her Halloween outfit.  A) We didn't have all of the parts to her costume yet, and B) It was pretty cold out.  She was over the moon excited to be wearing her new purple coat from grandma, and honestly she didn't even notice that everyone was in costumes and she wasn't.

Olivia was showing Logan her candy.  My sister got both of them Packer hats.  Cute, huh?

Playing games...

It was getting close to Logan's bedtime, so he was getting a little restless in the stroller.  How cute are these two in their matching coats!?! :)

Sooo... for various reasons we didn't make it to Boo at the Zoo (long story), so we are going to count this as our Boo at the Zoo experience. It's pretty much the same thing... walk around and gather candy from vendors. ;)

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